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How do I manually set my port settings, including SSL?
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Most newsreaders come with options to select which ports you will use.  These port options may vary from newsreader to newsreader, but you can find several examples within your My Sunny admin panel inside the Configurator area.  All Sunny Usenet accounts come with ports 119, 80, 563 (SSL), and 443 (SSL) enabled.  In general, we suggest using ports 563 or 443 (both use SSL). 

Please note that SSL increases the  amount of computing power required.  When you have a slow computer, the download speed with SSL is slower because the computer cannot keep up with decrypting large amounts of files.  The faster the internet connection, the faster the download speed and the faster the computer needs to decrypt.  If you're experiencing download speed issues on an older computer using a secure port, changing to a non-SSL port (119 or 80) may speed up your downloads.

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